China saddle fusion welding machine

China Saddle Fusion Welding Machine

China saddle fusion welding machine

Hydraulically operated saddle fusion machine for the production of 90-degree reducing tees from standard PE pipe sections. Machine is constructed to allow operation by one person, incorporating main pipe clamp, branch pipe clamps, hydraulically removed heating plate with curved elements and integrated hole saw for final removal of pipe coupon. Removable PTFE coated heating plate.Linear guide ways are equipped with heating plate and dragging plate.
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS                           
Main Pipe Max. Diameter: 630mm/800mm/1000mm/1200mm
Branch Pipe Max. Diameter: 315mm/400mm/500mm/560mm
Heating Plant Max. Temp: 270℃
System Pressure Ranges: 0-16Mpa
Working Voltage: 380V, 50HZ
Heating Plate power: 8~12KW
Hydraulic Unit Power: 1.5KW
Drill Motor Power: 1.5~3KW
Total Power: 11~16.5KWChina saddle fusion welding machine

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